Types of Wine Consumers in Taiwan

wine consumers taiwan

Introduction: Wine Consumers in Taiwan

For companies planning to sell their products in Taiwan, it is vital to conduct a thorough study of the different groups of wine consumers in Taiwan. This will provide a clear-cut picture of their future clients’ wine preferences and spending habits, allowing them to create a marketing plan that will suit them best.

Different Groups of Wine Consumers in Taiwan

The Female Connoisseurs

In Taiwan, there is a growing number of women wine aficionados, though they tend to be picky. This group is partial to wines that are light and delicate. Sweet vintages with fruity aftertastes are their go-to drinks during friendly meetings and social events, like the Tokaji dessert wines from Hungary and the Asti sparkling wine from Italy. The Female Connoisseurs also gravitate towards red wines due to their perceived health benefits – that they are good for the skin and can prevent aging.

The Young Urbanites

They are Taiwan’s educated youngsters who have developed a more sophisticated taste in wine. Most of the Young Urbanites studied abroad, mostly in the United States, Australia, and Western Europe, where they became exposed to the wine culture. These drinkers take time to attend wine classes and tastings and are more willing to explore something different. They tend to experiment with brands and flavors. They look for wines with unique characteristics, like those robust and semi-dry ones that set the mood during night-outs with their cliques.

The Exclusive Gourmands

This group is composed of Taiwan’s elite. They are mostly well-off businessmen who are loyal to prestigious vintages with potent flavors. The Exclusive Gourmands prefer the expensive wines from Italy, Spain, and France, particularly from Burgundy, Cotes du Rhone and Champagnes. Motivated by the prestige associated with drinking premium-quality wines, they take time to visit specialized boutiques and merchants for their purchases. These drinkers are not adventurous, preferring to stick to the tried and tested labels.

The Mainstream Patrons

These are the average middle-class consumers of wine in Taiwan. They prefer to buy medium range and entry-level vintages from regular retailers and supermarkets. The Mainstream Patrons are inclined to buy Chilean and Argentinian wines due to their low prices. These sell around TWD$155 (USD$5) per liter, compared to the more expensive imported French wine. This group also tends to choose red wine over white, as it purportedly goes better with Chinese food.

Closing Thoughts on Types of Wine Consumers in Taiwan

To increase the chances of succeeding in Taiwan’s robust wine market, companies must tailor their marketing approach to their target consumers. An effective plan will enable them to skillfully reach out to their audience with no need for pointless advertisements and promotions.

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