Types of Wine Consumers in Macau

Wine Consumers in Macau

For businesses planning to sell wine in Macau, identifying, evaluating and targeting potential consumers are easy, so long as they have a thorough grasp of the region’s market segmentation. This constitutes analyzing the drinkers’ needs and preferences with regards to varietals, wine styles and regions the grapes were grown and harvested.

Wine Consumer Groups in Macau

The Purists

These are the devotees of the tried and tested wines from the Old World. While browsing the wine list, they always zero in on the French, Italian or Spanish varietals available, like a perfectly aged Cabernet or Bordeaux. The demand for pricey classics soared when the gaming industry took off in the region and casinos began accommodating visiting VIPs. Old World wines are usually sold in Macau’s fine Chinese dining outlets and hotels.

The Domestics

This group prefers to dabble on the broad range of Portuguese wines available in the market. Wines from Portugal have long established their presence in the region, even before the government scrapped duties for wine. Brands like Barca Velha, Pera Manca and Esporao are cheaper than the French varietals, heavier and full of flavor. They are popular with the locals, expatriates and visitors from the Mainland and Hong Kong.

Types of Wine Consumers in Macau

The Non-Partisans

They are those who do not limit their choices to the classics and like experimenting with different types and brands. The Partisans are flexible and adventurous. They enjoy a wide variety of wine tastes, from delicate whites to full-bodied reds. This group is open to trying wines from the New World which are gaining traction in Macau. Wine distributors such as ASC and Summergate are quite successful in introducing good value Chilean and Australian wines to the market.

The Foodies

These drinkers pair wines with meals for maximum enjoyment. Many restaurants offer an extensive selection of wine that can complement different dishes. Tourists can pair a Riesling or a Chardonnay with a seafood dish, a Cabernet with a sirloin steak and a Burgundy or Pinot Noir with a Chinese stir fry. Traditionally, local Macanese do not associate eating with drinking, but many come back from overseas with a newfound appreciation of wine.

Closing Thoughts on Types of Wine Consumers in Macau

To succeed in Macau’s competitive wine market, companies must make sure that their marketing plans are geared towards the preference and spending habits of their target market niche. Brand awareness is established by effective advertisement and promotions based on the consumers’ tastes and likes.

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