Types of Liquor Consumers in Macau

Liquor Consumers in Macau

Due to its small size, companies need to adapt to the shifting industry trends and target the right group of liquor consumers in Macau to increase their chances of success.

Liquor Consumers in Macau

The Novelty Sippers

This consist of the youth population (age 24 and below), including the non-resident workers and foreign students living in Macau. Increased exposure to different lifestyles has paved for the rise of global consumer culture in these consumers. Young and adventurous, they like exploring new flavors and combinations in the spirits they drink. They are also commonly found socializing with friends and holding parties.

The Novelty Sippers are trend-setters. They like to experiment, eager to try new products in the market. This group looks for quality and sophistication in their choice of alcohol, preferring those that reflect their personality and lifestyle. Although they are attracted to popular drinks, brand loyalty is not strong among these sippers. They are an independent and vocal group of consumers that look for value and authenticity in their purchases.

The Astute Drinkers

They are Macau’s adult population, including expats and legal immigrants. In actuality, most of the locals do not often drink. In the rare times they do, they have been known to be price-conscious consumers and habitual buyers. While purchasing spirits, this group is bound to repetitively choose the same tried-and-tested brands instead of the new booze being offered in the market.

The Astute Drinkers do not spend much money on their infrequent purchases, limiting them to entry-level to mid-tier spirits. They consume booze only during special occasions and family get-togethers. While the price is an important factor in their choices, these consumers also value quality. The elderlies in Macau are a proud group. They know what they want and what they deserve.

Types of Liquor Consumers in Macau

The Recreational Consumers

These are the tourists that flock to Macau in droves year after year. These visitors may be grouped into two – the vacation/multi-purpose seekers and the gambling/business peeps. The first segment is composed of carefree consumers. They are often impulsive and reckless in their purchases, mostly going for novelty products that they cannot find at home.

In Macau, there is a growing trend among tourists looking for a fun night out. They want to try something new. Signature cocktail with a local spin is a popular drink of choice in local bars and restaurants. As a result, more and more establishments are investing money on cocktails and mixology to cater to the growing demand.

Meanwhile, serious gamblers and business tourists from MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) sector tend to stick to the classic whisky and cognac. This group prefers the more expensive, well-known national brands – only the best that money can buy. They abide by the trend “drinking less but better,” a reasonable choice for people who spend more time doing business or playing in the casinos.

Closing Thoughts on Types of Liquor Consumers in Macau

Identifying distinct groups of drinkers in Macau helps foreign companies construct a strong market strategy that will appeal to the consumers’ taste. Through careful analysis of the market segmentation, their needs and preferences can be defined, while their purchasing potential can be evaluated. In future articles, we will discuss how to appeal to each group effectively.

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