Types of Liquor Consumers in Hong Kong

Liquor Consumers in Hong Kong


As Hong Kong consumers’ preference in spirits continues to evolve, companies have learned to understand the importance of appealing to their increasingly sophisticated tastes. Adjusting products and tailoring marketing approaches to the needs of the existing consumer groups in the market are more vital than ever. This article discusses the different groups of liquor consumers in Hong Kong, what they like, and how to appeal to them.

Liquor Consumers in Hong Kong

The Adventurous, Social Liquor Enthusiasts

These are the younger generations of Hong Kongers, Millennials (age 23 to 38) and Gen Z (age 22 below). They are the experimenter group, with liquors purchases largely influenced by factors like alcohol percentage and flavor innovation. This group is less committed and passionate about popular brands, preferring to explore new tastes and combinations. They love sipping alcohol while dining out and socializing with friends.

The Adventurous, Social Spirits Enthusiasts are gearing away from the alcohols that their parents or grandparents like. Instead, they are always on the search for something new, but with the same high quality and sophistication. There is an obvious decline in popularity with classics like brandy and cognac among these young consumers. As they become more exposed to the Western lifestyle, they have begun to enjoy the taste of other spirits like rum, vodka, tequila.

Types of Liquor Consumers in Hong Kong

The Savvy Liquor Drinkers

These are Generation Xers (age 39 to 53) of the region. This group’s spirits preferences and spending habits are not that different from Millennials. At their age, they are still adventurous, experimenting with different brands and tastes of alcohols. The Gen Xers also like going to bars and restaurants to try out the latest trends, and drink once a week or more at home by themselves or with companies.

The Basic Spirits Drinkers are generally shrewd online shoppers with a keen understanding of marketing and media. They are known to conduct research before making purchases. This group is also always on the lookout for the best deals. They are more motivated to buy after seeing a convincing TV or print advertising. For these drinkers, aesthetic is an important selling point of the product.

The Conservative, Health-Oriented Sippers

This group is composed of Hong Kong’s Baby Boomer generation (age 54 to 72) and the Traditionalists (age 73 and up). Older consumers in the region are known for their knowledge of different kinds of liquors. Though most of them are nearing retiring age, they are still considered a heavyweight group of drinkers for many companies.

Coming from different backgrounds and professions with a diverse range of interests, the Conservative, Health-Oriented Sippers have generally high levels of disposable income. Due to health risks that come with aging, however, they have been replacing traditional spirits and hard liquors with drinks that have lower alcohol levels.

This category is less likely to crave variety and experimentation in their choice of spirits. Though brand authenticity and beverage taste still have a huge influence on their purchases, these drinkers are becoming price-conscious. They prefer to drink spirits while relaxing at home rather than going to bars to socialize.

Closing Thoughts on Types of Liquor Consumers in Hong Kong

The generational differences of each consumer group in Hong Kong reveal a great deal about their spirits preference and spending habits. Companies need to consider their lifestyle choices and adjust the product offerings and marketing strategies the right way to increase the chances of success in the market. In future articles, we will discuss how to appeal to each group effectively.

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