Types of Wine Consumers in Mainland China

Wine Consumers in Mainland China

Introduction: Wines Consumers in Mainland China

In China, the demand for quality wine has soared in recent years, creating opportunities for foreign businesses. To determine whether the products they plan to sell will fit the preference of the Mainlanders, a study of the different consumer groups in the market is important. Through careful analysis, companies will have a better understanding of their needs and preferences, as well as their purchasing potential.

Groups of Wine Consumers in Mainland China

The Occasionals

They are the infrequent sippers who consume wine only during special occasions like friendly get-togethers. While they enjoy drinking wine, they limit their purchases to those that fit the budget, usually bottles around ¥20 (US$3)to ¥50 (US$7). Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the ideal places for this group to buy wine because of the wide selection available.

The Enthusiasts

This is the wine lover group. These drinkers are considered the connoisseurs of wine, highly knowledgeable of the different vintages and group varietals. They shell out money to buy premium and expensive bottles and are quite adventurous. The Enthusiasts are always keen on trying something new, whether it be new flavors or unheard-of brands. They do not wait for special occasions to drink wine.

The Dabblers

They are the newbies who like experimenting with flavors. These drinkers buy what they like. While the Dabblers are not that knowledgeable about the different grape varieties, countries and regions of origin of the wine they drink, they are receptive and experimental. They enjoy sipping wine at home or during informal gatherings. This group avoid splurging and buy only quality but reasonably-priced wines.

Types of Wine Consumers in Mainland China

The Conventionalists

They are the drinkers with conservative tastes. The Conventionalists rarely venture beyond the classics, vintages that hail from respected vineyards of France and Italy. These are high-income consumers. Price is not an issue in buying a Cabernet Sauvignon bottle that sells for ¥3,000 (US$435). They enjoy the perceived social status that comes with sipping premium wine at business dinners.

The Smart Buyers

This group is composed of price-sensitive consumers. They have less interest in wine and drink only on rare occasions. Their main motivation for consumption is for health and wellness. These sippers tend to purchase entry-level to mid-tier wines and are highly receptive to discounts and promo offers.

Closing Thoughts on Wine Consumers in Mainland China

A marketing strategy based on the preference of a specific, defined group gives companies better chances of success in the highly competitive Chinese wine market. This allows brands to differentiate themselves, stand out, and make a bigger impact. In the long run, they will appreciate not wasting time and money on ineffective marketing plans and strategies.

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