Types of Beer Consumers in Taiwan

Types of Beer Consumers in Taiwan

In Taiwan, beer companies have learned to pattern their marketing approaches to the taste and preference of the different consumer groups. This allows them to evaluate each segment’s purchasing potential and meet the existing demand without wasting money and effort on pointless advertisements and promotions.

Taiwan’s Beer Consumer Groups

The Trend Seekers

This group is composed of the region’s youthful hipsters who are drawn to beers with innovative and trendy flavors. Unlike the Aspirers, they want to try all the new brands, whether local or imported, that come out in the market. Building brand value and loyalty among them is difficult, so companies need to step up their game and be creative in the products they offer to get this group’s attention.

Many craft brewers in Taiwan are capitalizing on the Trend Seekers’ thirst for authenticity and novelty in their beer choices. The huge diversity of styles and taste profiles associated with craft beers are the huge selling points for these young and affluent consumers, who are mostly from the metropolitan areas. They take pride in their individuality and drink what they like, with little regard to price.

Beer Consumers Taiwan

The Conventionalists

They are Taiwan’s main consumer group, mostly male age 25 to 44. This group seldom strays from the tried-and-tested, locally produced brews, which occupies more than 75% of the region’s beer market. The Conventionalists tend to be leery of bolder, more flavorful beers that are sprouting in the market, preferring the cleaner and crisp taste of lagers.

For these consumers, convenience is an integral factor in their purchases, as well as quality and taste. Brand name is also important. They are loyal to those popular brands that have been around the market for years. The Conventionalists are also price-conscious. They limit their indulgence to low- and mid-priced beers that satisfy their craving for the bitter, but refreshing drink.

The Aspirers

These are the Taiwan drinkers who have developed a preference for imported brews, something that they can afford due to their higher spending power. In the past years, many Taiwanese are trading up local beers to foreign and premium brews. Their sophisticated taste is mainly attributed to increased exposure to globalization and modern trends.

In Taiwan, consumers, especially from the North, are extremely open to trying new beer entrants in the market. They particularly like international brands from Europe and the United States. Specialty and craft beers are popular among this group of drinkers. For women Aspirers, fruity beers with a clean and fresh taste, like apple and pear ciders, are the best choices.

Closing Thoughts on Types of Beer Consumers in Taiwan

For beer companies exporting to Taiwan, understanding the propensity and spending habits of the consumer segments in the market is key. By careful analysis of the consumer groups’ likes and dislikes, wants and needs, they are increasing their chances of success. In future articles, we will discuss how to appeal to each group effectively.

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