Types of Beer Consumers in Macau

Exporters of beer in Macau know how vital knowledge on the market segmentation is. By analyzing the preference and lifestyle of each consumer group, they can tailor their marketing approaches to be the most effective and meet the existing demand, saving valuable time and resources.

Macau’s Beer Consumer Groups

The Cerveja Aficionados

In Macau, there is a group of consumers who prefer the rich and sweet flavors of Portuguese beers. For instance, Macau Beer, the region’s only local brand, is very popular among those who are craving a European twist in their brews. These drinkers love the brand’s ales, which are known for their clear golden color and sweet, silky smooth finish.

The Cerveja Aficionados have adventurous palates. They can go for the dark, rich taste of Sangres Preta or the crisp and fruity character of Super Bock. They do not mind paying extra, so long as they satisfy their thirst for quality brews. This group tends to frequent restaurants and hotels where Portuguese beers are usually offered alongside meals.

The Pilsner Enthusiasts

These drinkers like the low-alcohol content, pilsner-type of beers. Those most commonly available in the market are major brands like Carlsberg, Heineken and San Miguel. While more Macau consumers are being drawn to premium and super-premium brews, just like the people from the Mainland, there are still those who remain loyal to the mainstream, low-cost sectors.

The Pilsner Enthusiasts prefer simple tasting beverages that are easy to drink with their type of food. The clean and light taste of the mass-market, pale lagers suits their preference. While price is an important aspect in this group’s beer purchases, quality is also as crucial. They tend to be leery of new brands in the market, opting to stick to the popular, tried-and-tested ones.

The Artisanal Fanatics

They are Macau’s young population of drinkers who like to experiment with unique and innovative beer flavors. The sudden rise in popularity of craft beer in the region is mainly attributed to them. Price is of no relevance, as the Artisanal Fanatics are willing to pay as much as MOP40 per bottle of these specialty brews.

This group looks for quality and unconventional taste in their choices of beer. They like the intense hoppy flavor and bitter notes of the India Pale Ale (IPA) or the creamy and spicy combination of the Belgian White Ales. These consumers enjoy drinking beer while dining out or watching live music performances in local bars.

Closing Thoughts on Types of Beer Consumers in Macau

A thorough study of the different consumer segments will give exporting companies the edge they need to succeed in the small but competitive market of Macau. In future articles, we will discuss how to appeal to each group effectively.

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