Types of Beer Consumers in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s drinking habits are changing as consumers acquire a taste for premium products. For many beer companies, this is a big opportunity, but only if they know how to tap into the market. This is best done by identifying the existing consumer groups and customizing their marketing plan to suit each segment’s lifestyle and spending habits.

Different Groups of Hong Kong’s Beer Consumers

The Adventurers

These beer drinkers are mostly Hong Kong’s millennials – young, affluent consumers who tend to look for unique taste profiles and variety in their choices of beer. Concerned with brand image, they prefer premium lager and craft flavors that are pricier than the regular brews in the market. This is mainly attributed to their increased exposure to the drinking habits of the West. They want better quality and more diversity, always on the lookout for new brands and flavors.

The Adventurers are experimenters, they have little or no brand loyalty and frequently switch brands. They tend to care more about the taste and quality of beer more than the price. This group will not hesitate to spend USD$10 a bottle for a brand that stands out from the crowd. There is little or no brand loyalty among these drinkers as they frequently switch brands in search of great finds. Brewers need to offer a wide array of beers to keep these consumer coming back for more.

The Sippers

In the past years, women have become increasingly important to China’s beer beverage consumer market. In Hong Kong, women have become more economically independent than men. Their growing discretionary income allows them to buy and drink what they like. Their preference is skewed towards sweeter, fruity brews –with low-calorie and alcohol content. Aside from flavor, they also pay attention to aroma and texture.

Often called “cross-drinkers,” the Sippers enjoy variety and tend to be adventurous in trying out new brands in the market. Interestingly, they do not like to be stereotyped in their choice of drinks. Brands that present themselves as women-friendly are called out for being patronizing and fake. Women are more drawn to brews that are delicious and gender-neutral, shying away from products that are specifically designed for their demographic.

The “Reliables”

These are a varied range of beer consumers in Hong Kong who drink quality brews that are worth the price. Hong Kongers have been known to choose brands based on quality, especially taste, as well as beer image and country-of-origin. Many can afford premium and imported products in the market. This group of consumers, however, will not hesitate to drop old brands after trying out new offerings that are a good value for their money.

The “Reliables” buy most of their beer at bars and restaurants. They drink a wide variety of brews, from expensive craft beers to low and mid-priced lagers. Over the years, the popularity of craft beers has risen as more consumers look for individual identities and exotic flavors in their drinks. Brewers have been using innovative ingredients, like local tropical fruits, to create their own concoctions and styles to tempt the drinkers’ sophisticated palate.

Closing Thoughts on Types of Beer Consumers in Hong Kong

To increase companies’ success in Hong Kong’s competitive beer market, they need to consider the consumer groups and properly adjust the products and strategies to suit their preferences and tastes. In future articles, we will discuss how to appeal to each group effectively.

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