How to: Market Beer to Chinese Consumers

market beer to chinese consumers

Beer represents 75% of the total amount of alcohol consumption (by volume) in China. To succeed in this lucrative market, knowledge of the consumer segmentation is important, Mersol & Luo ensures you are prepared, educated and strategic when considering China as your next market to enter. Beer Market Segmentation in China Mass-Consumed Beers These locally …

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Social E-Commerce: A Major Driving Force in China’s Alcohol Consumption

Social E-Commerce

Why is Social Shopping Popular in China? Social e-commerce, or social shopping, is when social media are integrated into traditional online shopping. This is hugely popular in China, more so with the rise of the new generation of shoppers and their changing lifestyle. Over the years, social networks have evolved into a multi-dimensional experience platform. …

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How to: Market Spirits to Chinese Consumers

Market Spirits

China’s spirits market continues to see increasing opportunities for international brands to grow and expand. At the heart of this development is the rise of the country’s luxury consumer base among the urban population. Mersol & Luo guides companies through the process to import and be profitable with these ideal market conditions. Growing Demand for …

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Biggest Opportunities for Companies in China in 2020

Opportunities in China

Opportunities in China: A Glance With its growing economy and high consumer spending, there will continue to be plenty of opportunities in China for all kinds of consumer goods in 2020. Increased consumption is expected on organic and health care products as consumers seek a healthier lifestyle. Demand for baby care products, fashion clothing and …

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Boosting Brand Value in China

Brand Value in China

Boosting your brand value in China is more than improving your brand’s look, messaging and relationships with consumers. It is keeping pace with China’s constantly changing consumer landscape and pivotal market trends.