Where is Asia’s Whiskey Boom Headed?

Whisky sales in Asia are worth over US$ 33 billion and growing by nearly 10% annually—a brisk pace by any standard. This has people asking “what is driving this boom and where is it headed?” Let us start with the first part of that question. For many consumers in Asia whisky is an aspirational spirit. …

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Growth and shifts in demand for beverages in Asia

As economies, incomes, and spending increase throughout Asia, demand for imported, higher-quality, and healthier beverages is fast-growing as well. Soft Drinks The foreseeable future of soft drink demand in Asia belongs to emerging markets in the region, such as China and Malaysia which are set to enjoy sales of nearly US$41 billion and US$1.8 billion, …

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Taiwan’s booming beverages sector

Taiwan is a fast-growing consumer market for beverages and magnet for new brands, large and small. Juice, soft drinks, packaged water, alcohol, and other major beverage categories are all enjoying strong year-on-year growth making it an excellent option, whether for companies seeking expansion options or simply diversify their exposure to different markets. Coffee Weighing in …

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Navigating the Future for Australian Firms in Asia

The pandemic and geopolitics have complicated Australian firm’s expansion plans in Asia. China, long a source of demand across just about every industry and product category, has also become a source of risk. What can Australian firms do in Asia? Diversify. The rest of Asia should not be overlooked.

The Future of Food in Asia

Demand for food is outpacing wage growth in Asia, in large part because much of that growth is in disposable income. Consumers across the region are upgrading their lifestyle, seeking greater variety, more novelty, and higher-quality food options.