Featured client successes


Mersol & Luo delivered the best market strategy and intelligence work I’ve seen in my 20+ years in the wine industry.”
CEO, Australian winery


Our company wanted to start selling our craft spirits in Hong Kong and China, but we didn’t know anything about branding and marketing consumer products in these markets. Mersol & Luo provided us with all the research and advice we needed to make our branding right for each of these markets. We’re very satisfied with the results.”
Managing Partner, Scandinavian spirits brand


The team at Mersol & Luo was very patient and put together a clear strategy for how we could develop our brand in the Chinese market. With their help we were able to find the right sales partners and make our brand appealing for local consumers.”
Co-Founder, German brewery


Mersol & Luo really helped us understand where there was space in China for a premium coffee brand like ours, find the best local partners for us to achieve our goals in the market, and achieve our sales goals. We’re now in a position where we can roast beans locally and introduce our products and brands through our own local storefronts.”
Chief Operations Officer, Premium Coffee Co.


We felt confident about the quality of our products and brand but did not know what demand was in China or how to achieve our sales goals. The team at Mersol & Luo did a great job of getting this done for us. This made our entry into China a big success.”
International Export Manager, European Juice Co.

Soft Drinks

Our core markets are in the EU, Middle East, and North Africa. Past attempts to sell in Asia did not work out well. Mersol & Luo handled the entire process for us, found good local partners, and continues to support our operations in the region. Given our past experiences, we know we could not have done this without their help.”
Global Brands Manager, European Soft Drinks Co


We had become accustomed to receiving the odd order or two in Asia but never a sustained presence or local partnership. Mersol & Luo took our brand and made it work in Asia. The region has gone from almost no sales to being our biggest source of growth."
CEO, Premium Foods Co.

Personal Care

We needed to know if there was a market for our organic skin care products in the Hong Kong and China markets. Mersol & Luo helped us identify where there were opportunities to sell our products and the best way to build our sales and brand in the market.”
CEO, French skincare company

Luxury Products

We were trying to get a foothold for our luxury brand in China but were finding it difficult to compete with the large global luxury brands already in the market. Mersol & Luo made it clear why our strategy wasn’t working and put together a better one that targets our ideal customer type and market segment. This has helped us increase our market share. They still provide market demand forecasting which we use to adjust our offerings and branding as consumer tastes change.”
China Market Manager, U.S. luxury brand​

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Mersol & Luo’s expertise on the Asian economy assists global companies in ensuring their expansion to Asia is appropriately prepared to maximize profits and market impact. By having local understanding, relationships and real-time trade experts Mersol & Luo guides you through the process. 

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