Are you looking to open a company or do business in China?

We can help you register a company and open a bank account!

We provide the help you need so registering a company and opening a corporate bank account in China is simple, straightforward, and easy. With this you can apply for licenses, register corporate social media accounts, do online marketing, and normal business activities. We can help you register a company and open bank accounts in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Phase 1-4


how to register your company in China

step 1

Schedule an initial consultation with us to determine for what business activities you intend to carry out through a local company, among other details. This will enable us to best advise you how and where to incorporate, via what structure and why.

step 2

Based on your needs and goals, we will advise you on your best option, the process, requirements and any government fees and other costs involved

step 3

Generate and gather necessary documents and other items required for company registration. We will then submit them to the appropriate government offices for review and approval, handling the entire process on your behalf so you don’t need to. Once all applications are approved, we will gather and provide your business license, certificates, stamps/chops and other materials associated with your newly registered local company

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How to open a corporate bank account in China?

step 1

We will first need to determine what activities you’ll need to perform with your corporate account, such as receiving and sending money abroad and in what currency or currencies. This will clarify what is required, the process, and cost.

step 2

With your requirements clear, we will advise on the best course of action, what will need to be done, the process, cost, and risks (China maintains relatively tight capital controls). Afterward, we will help you gather or otherwise produce the necessary documents and other items.

step 3

Make appointment with your chosen bank, submit necessary documents and other required items, troubleshooting on your behalf along the way as your applications are processed. Once your account is opened, we will provide you with all the banking documents and other items you will need to start using the account for your new local company.


How long does it take to register a company in China?

This depends on several factors, such as your industry and where you choose to register, among others. Typically, once all documents are received, the entire process takes 6-10 weeks.

Do I or any of my staff need to physically be in China in order to register a company?

No. Our team can submit all documents and manage communication and other necessary steps with relevant local government offices. All we will need from you are required documents and signatures from authorized individuals. We will explain all of this both prior to starting and during the process.

Can you help us apply for licenses or certificates?

Yes, once the company has been successfully registered, we can help you apply for any certificates or licenses you require (e.g. import/export license)