Knowing your target market, customer, and regulatory environment is critical to succeeding in China. Our market analysts will deliver the key analytics and professional analysis you need to understand your target market, customers, and competition.

Pricing & Competition

Know the prevailing price for your product in China, how you compare to the competition, and can develop a strong competitive advantage in the market.

Marketing Strategy Advisory

Learn about the unique marketing options available to you in China, which methods are best for your business, and how you can leverage these to build your brand and increase sales.

Regulatory Outlook

Clearly explains China’s regulatory requirements, how this can impact your business in China, and what to consider when planning for your entry into the Chinese market.

Consumer Market Analytics

Understand your target consumer demographic profile, emerging trends, and how to match what you offer with local demand and evolving preferences.

Sales & Distribution Planning

Details the best sales platforms, warehousing, and distributions solutions for your company in China, with the aim of minimizing costs and maximizing effectiveness.

Know more. Do more.


As the largest consumer market in Asia, China offers vast opportunities for ambitious companies. Turning these opportunities into a successful business in China requires excellent long-term planning and a good market entry strategy. Our experienced team of experts will deliver this by:

Market Entry Strategy

Our team will develop a strong strategy that will enable your company to successfully enter the Chinese market and position itself for long-term growth.

Establish Local Business Operations

Ensure your company is properly incorporated in China and in compliance with local laws and regulations so you can do business in China with peace of mind.

Professional Negotiation

Our multilingual and cross-cultural team of professionals will negotiate with local companies and other partners, increasing the success rate and reducing the cost of establishing partnerships and finalizing agreements.

Corporate Banking Solutions

We will help you find the best banking solution for your company’s operations in China so you can easily conduct business in with local partners and customers alike.

Regulatory Approval Management

Our multilingual and cross-cultural team of professionals will negotiate with local companies and other partners, increasing the success rate and reducing the cost of establishing partnerships and finalizing agreements.

Enter the largest market in Asia.


It’s important to communicate your brand and product in a way that connects with Chinese consumers. Many companies fail in China because they neglect to localize their brand, products, and the way they deliver their message to customers. We’ll ensure your business is a success in China by providing you with a full branding and localization solution. We will deliver:

Branding Strategy

Develop a long-term ‘China Ready’ branding strategy that will guarantee your company’s success in China.

Website Design

Create a website with a localized design and interface customized for Chinese consumers, integrating it seamlessly with your branding and marketing.

Online Store & Payment Options

Provide a comfortable online shopping experience and convenient payment options well-suited to Chinese preferences, boosting sales and long-term growth.

Branding Localization

Design a new logo for the Chinese market, color scheme, theme, and localize existing brand-related items (e.g. packaging).

Translation & Message Localization

Translate your intended meaning into Chinese in a culturally relevant way and communicate your brand and product to consumers in a manner that is culturally and linguistically natural.

Localize your brand in China.


China’s consumer market is huge—and so is the number of ads competing for the attention of Chinese consumers. We’ll help you break through the clutter so you can attract your target customers and maintain a good relationship with new and existing ones alike. Our team will:

Develop a Winning Marketing Strategy

Create an ambitious marketing strategy that attracts your target customers and develops a strong relationship that turns potential customers into loyal ones in love with your brand.

Manage Your Social & Digital Media

We will manage your social media, promotion of your digital media day-to-day, integrating them seamlessly to effectively promote your company, brand, and products to Chinese consumers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ensure your website, social media, articles, and other content are easily found on major search engines (e.g. Baidu) and other major online platforms.

Grow Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a major driver of brand awareness and sales with many platforms combining advertising with easy ways to purchase products. We’ll ensure you have an effective social media presence.

Generate High-Quality Content

Produce excellent articles, images, video, and other content enabling potential and existing customers to interact with your brand, learn about your products, and drive sales.

Deliver Analytics Reporting and Analysis

Track your progress through high-quality data analytics so you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing and how to adapt your marketing to trends over time.

Grow your business in China.