How to start selling in & exporting to China

We provide the help you need to expand your business in China. Everything we do is focused on selling your product effectively and strengthening your brand in the Chinese market.

Market Development Assessment

We are committed to developing strong and lasting relationships with our clients and local partners alike. With clients from 5 continents, we are able to help them transcend distance, culture, language to succeed in the Greater China markets.

Product Assessment

Our team will assess the product you want to bring to market both in absolute terms, and in comparison to competing products. It gives a macro-level perspective of where the product stands in the market and what you should be aware of in making macro-level decisions, guiding understanding of what can and should be done and why.

Target Market Analysis

We will determine which local markets to target, your ideal customers within these markets and their detailed profile, and the best sales channels and partnerships to establish in order to effectively target those market and consumers.

Pricing Analysis

We will examine existing or proposed pricing, measure it against anticipated retail pricing, like-for-like competition, and affordability profile for the target end-consumer in the relevant markets, providing a clear recommended pricing strategy.

Branding Analysis

We will analyze your existing or planned branding – including labeling, packaging, messaging and other brand assets – and measure how it compares to competitors’ and how best to differentiate yours and make it appealing to both your likely sales partners and target end-consumers.

Due Diligence

Prior to formally approaching a prospective sales partner, we will confirm key details about their business, contract terms, capabilities, and assess risk and overall suitability for your product, brand, and goals in the target markets.

Negotiate Deal + Sign Contract

We will provide ongoing local support for opening negotiations and bringing them to a successful conclusion, troubleshooting, and ensuring the final contract is fair, clear, meets international business standards, and is enforceable.

Import & Sales

We will coordinate with both you and the local buyer or sales partner to ensure proper regulatory compliance, that payments are made in a transparent manner, and the logistics, warehousing and overall importation process goes smoothly so sales can begin.


China’s rapid urbanization, increasing disposable incomes, changing lifestyles and maturing tastes have increased demand for foreign wines.

China is the largest beer market in the world with annual consumption reaching 45.7 billion liters.

Spirits are gaining popularity in China, with several varieties serving as symbolism for different occasions and social status.