Sales Channel Development

Due diligence

Prior to approaching a prospective sales partner, we will confirm key details about their business, contract terms, capabilities, and assess risk and overall suitability for your product, brand, and goals in the target markets.

Regulatory Compliance

Working with your sales partners, we will ensure that all products to be imported will have met necessary local regulatory requirements and the proper paperwork is in order prior to shipping and importation.

Contract Drafting

Our team of experts will work with both you and your sales partner/buyer to ensure any contract is fair, enforceable, at par with international business standards and practices, and expresses clear and agreeable payment terms.

Negotiation Support

We will provide ongoing local support for setting up and proceeding with negotiations and troubleshooting along the way.

Logistics & Delivery

In cooperation with you and your local sales partner, we will ensure logistics, warehousing and overall importation process goes smoothly so sales can begin.