Market Intelligence & Analytics

China Market Intelligence, Research and Analysis

Market Development Pre-Assessment

We will evaluate the market situation for your product type in the Chinese market. We’ll review your brand and product to determine next steps necessary to bring your product into the market or expand your presence. Additionally, we will identify potential challenges and suitable solutions.

Product Assessment

We will evaluate the product you want to bring to market both in absolute terms and compared to competing products. It gives a macro-level perspective of where the product stands in the market and what you should be aware of in making macro-level decisions, guiding understanding of what can and should be done and why.

Target Market Analysis

We will determine which local markets to target, your ideal customers within these markets and their detailed profile, and the best sales channels and partnerships to establish in order to effectively target those markets and consumers.

Pricing Optimization Analysis

We will examine existing or proposed pricing, measure it against anticipated retail pricing, like-for-like competition, and affordability profile for the target end-consumer in the relevant markets, providing a clear recommended pricing strategy.

Branding Analysis

We will analyze your existing or planned branding—including labeling, packaging, messaging and other brand assets—and measure how it compares to competitors’ and how best to differentiate yours and make it appealing to both your likely sales partners and target end-consumers.

Regulatory Advisory

Clearly explains the regulatory requirements for selling your product in the target market, including: regulatory framework, registration and importation requirements, labeling requirements, process and documentation, common challenges, and guidance.