By looking at the demographic, geographic and psychographic details of your target customers in the target market—as well as their purchase habits and preferences—we will tell you what your customers want and why. We will use this to build a detailed customer profile which will later be used to build a holistic brand strategy for your products being sold in the target market.

Brand Strategy Development

Before creating or re-developing your brand for the target market, it is important to define the brand image you wish to project, ideas and values you desire to communicate and much more before getting down to the business of designing brand assets. Whether for branding for the first time or re-branding, we will generate an effective positioning strategy with clear metrics to measure success.

Visual Identity

Based on the product, target customer, and defined brand strategy, we will develop a clear visual identity for your brand and products in the target market. This will be applied to all brand assets and products in the market.


Depending on the product, market, and the brand strategy, it may be both sensible and necessary to create localized brand, label, and product names. Even big global brands—such as Coca Cola—do this to the great benefit of both their brand and bottom line.

Voice & Message

Every brand needs a unique voice that speaks to the target customer and communicates the values and vision of the brand and products. Messaging is often sensitive to language and culture. For this reason, your voice and message will resonate with the local culture and be communicated fluidly in the local language.


Typically, customers’ first encounter with a company’s brand is through the product’s themselves, specifically the packaging and labels. For this reason, ensuring you have packaging and labels consistent with your desired brand strategy, vision, voice and message. We can develop and deliver high-quality designs that meet these requirements and will contribute to the success of your products and brand in the market.

Web & Digital

Traditional and new brands alike have adopted a digital branding strategy and developed digital brand assets for use on their website and other digital platforms (e.g. social media). We will design and deliver the website mockups and other brand assets you need for your digital branding in the market.

Brand Assets Design

Effective branding also takes places via traditional channels, such as business cards. We can ensure you have the basic brand assets you need to project your brand value and image to customers and partners alike in the market.