Branding & Marketing

Branding & Marketing Strategy for China Market

Strategy DevelopmeNt

Whether for branding, re-branding, or online marketing and advertising, we will generate an effective positioning strategy with clear metrics to measure success.

Brand Assets Design

Whether re-branding or creating a new brand, our design experts can create packaging, labeling, logo designs and any other brand assets needed to ensure you’re product is market-ready.

Social media management

We will manage your social media, promotion of your digital media day-to-day, integrating them seamlessly to effectively promote your company, brand, and products to Chinese consumers. Additionally, our team will curate your online forums and other communities.

Content creation

Produce excellent articles, images, video, promotional and other content enabling potential and existing customers to interact with your brand, learn about your products, and drive sales.

Analytics tracking & reporting

We will track your progress through high-quality data analytics so you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing and how to adapt your marketing to trends over time.