The right solutions for selling alcohol in China

We help you understand the Greater China markets–Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau, start importing your wine, beer, or liquor, ensure your branding is ‘China-ready’, and prepare for long-term growth and success in the market.

Our team will evaluate existing competition in the market to see how you compare, identify the best local markets for your wine, beer, or liquor, generate the Ideal Customer Profile, determine the best type of distributor or importer for your product, and  assess your pricing and strategy. We will ensure succeed in China’s alcohol market.

We will find the right distributors and importers, carry out due diligence, and provide support for negotiating contracts, meeting regulatory requirements, arranging for import. Our team provides ongoing support, helping you coordinate and manage the relationship with your sales partners and drive growth.

We provide a complete suite of branding services to develop your brand presence, awareness and sales in China. By evaluating your existing or planned branding–including labels, packaging, and messaging–as well as other brand assets, we will ensure you are well-positioned to succeed in China’s wine, beer, and liquor market. 

For companies wishing to establish a local presence, we provide solutions for company registration, a review on benefits and potential risks, and a walk-through of banking regulations on opening a bank account in China, including securing different licenses, from importing, distribution,  to setting up a company website.