The right methods for every solution

Here at Mersol & Luo, we lend our expertise to help you understand the ins and outs of the Greater China markets.The services we offer are all geared towards one goal – to assist you in breaking into and succeeding in your target market.

Our analysts will help you identify the local markets to target, create a profile of your ideal customers and select appropriate pricing, sales channels and partnerships for your business. 

We will deliver an in-depth assessment on potential local sales partners and ensure that all necessary local regulatory requirements on shipping and importation are met, as well as logistics, warehousing and overall process.

Our team will assist in devising a detailed branding strategy and execution plan for your entry or expansion in your target market.

We will provide options for company registration, a review on benefits and potential risks, and a walk-through of banking regulations on opening a bank account in China, including securing different licenses, from importing, distribution,  to setting up a company website.