Case Study

Soft drinks brand wins valuable market share in key Asian markets

Client Profile

Fizzy Drink Co.* is a medium-sized producer of soft drinks, including fizzy drinks, juices, and energy drinks. The brand sells in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and parts of Asia.

Client Challenge

The brand was very interested in entering Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong; however, they did not understand these markets, know if their brand would appeal to local consumers, how to find the right marketing and distribution partners or how to manage those relationships in order to achieve their goals in these markets.


Our core markets are in the EU, Middle East, and North Africa. Past attempts to sell in Asia did not work out well. Mersol & Luo handled the entire process for us, found good local partners, and continues to support our operations in the region. Given our past experiences, we know we could not have done this without their help.”

--Global Brand Manager, Fizzy Drinks Co.

We helped Fizzy Drink Co. to:

Understanding market opportunities, trends, and risks

Drawing on our proprietary models and analytics, we provided Fizzy Drink Co. with a clear picture of the size of the market opportunity, market trends and forces, and potential risks and how best to mitigate them in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

Identify the best markets and ideal customers for their products

Running an in-depth consumer market analysis, we match brand characteristics and goals to local demand characteristics, build an ideal customer profile, how, why, and where they buy and how to win them over.

Develop a winning go-to-mark strategy

We employ a proven approach to creating a customized data-driven strategy for initial market entry, achieving short-term goals and sustainable long-term growth.

Effectively manage local distribution and marketing partnerships

We leveraged our local presence, knowledge, and expertise to bridge the language and cultural gap between our client and local partners, overcoming challenges, and ensuring a successful initial entry and growth trajectory in the market.

The client achieved:



local markets



products into Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.



local distribution and marketing partnerships

Achieved sales nearly


initial targets

*We protect the confidentiality of our clients. Although the name has been changed, the results are real.

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