Case Study

Scandinavian distillery makes strong entry into Chinese market

Client Profile

Scandinavian Spirits Co.* is a small distillery producing craft vodkas infused with local botanicals sold in Northern Europe. 

Client Challenge

The distillery was very interested in entering the Chinese markets; however, they had little understanding of the market, didn’t know if their brand would appeal to local consumers, how to find the right marketing and distribution partners or how to manage those relationships in order to achieve their short and long-term goals in the market.

*Names and information have been anonymized to protect the confidentiality of our clients.

Client Testimonial

Our company wanted to start selling our craft spirits in Hong Kong and China, but we didn’t know anything about branding and marketing consumer products in these markets. Mersol & Luo provided us with all the research and advice we needed to make our branding right for each of these markets. We’re very satisfied with the results.”
Managing Partner, Scandinavian Spirits Co.*

Our Solutions

Mersol & Luo developed a strong market entry strategy, revised branding to target ideal customers and managed local import and distribution partnerships in order to maximize opportunities and minimize risks while expanding to China. 

Client Problem

Client Problem and MERSOL & LUO’S SOLUTION

Mersol & Luo’s Solution

Understanding the Chinese market

Mersol & Luo provided in-depth analysis utilizing relevant data reflecting the current state of the market in China. Further research on trends, risks, and opportunities specific to their product and industry were presented. 

Choosing the right target local markets

Outside of large companies, a new brand needs to focus on a few local markets first when entering China. Our team assessed Scandinavian Spirits Co.’s branding, product type, unique value proposition, local market conditions and goals. Based on this analysis, we recommended specific local markets (e.g. Shanghai) for initial entry into the China and Hong Kong markets.

Branding and localization

Our team evaluated the company’s existing branding, comparing it to like-for-like competitors in the market to determine how well it matched the preferences of their ideal target consumers. We provided analysis and recommendations on how to adjust branding to win market share from competitors, effectively appeal to target customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and drive sales growth.

Finding the right local marketing partner

Drawing on our large local network, we advised our client on the type of marketing firm that would best support their brand while working towards the expansion goals. 

Managing local distribution and marketing partnerships

Without speaking the local language, having a local presence or understanding local business culture and marketing and distribution process, brands face difficulty managing relationships with local partners. We bridged this gap, leveraging our local presence, knowledge and expertise to help build strong relationships, overcome challenges, and ensure a successful initial entry and growth trajectory in the market.

We helped Scandinavian Spirits Co.* to

Understand market opportunities, trends, and risks

Identify the most viable local markets for their products

Develop a winning branding strategy

Establish and manage effective local marketing and distribution partnerships




Local Market




Introduced ​





Local partnerships



year-one sales targets

About Mersol & Luo

Mersol & Luo’s expertise on the Chinese economy assist global companies in ensuring their expansion to China is appropriately prepared for to maximize profits and market impact. By having local understanding, relationships and real-time trade experts Mersol & Luo guides you through the process. 

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