Case Study

In-depth market intelligence and analysis lead to expansion opportunities

Client Profile

Pet Care Co.* is a fast-growing on-demand company that offers pet care services via its mobile app and accessories for both pets and owners. The company is currently operating in several major markets.

Client Challenge

Having found success in its local market, Pet Care Co. wanted to expand into Hong Kong. However. In order to be successful they needed to understand local consumer desires, behavior, and whether the regulatory environment was welcoming to their services and products.

Our Approach

After assessing the company’s offerings and existing operations, Mersol & Luo advised Pet Care Co. on everything they needed to know before deciding to move forward with any expansion plans for the Hong Kong market.

Our team delivered an in-depth analysis of the consumer market for their service and product, growth forecasts, and a clear understanding of existing and upcoming regulations and how they would likely affect the company should they choose to expand into the market.


Working with Mersol & Luo, Pet Care Co. gained a clear and detailed understanding of the Hong Kong consumer market, potential opportunities, and the barriers to entry in the regulatory environment. 

Based on the intelligence we provided, Pet Care Co. decided to establish a Hong Kong office, carry out a feasibility study with Mersol & Luo and develop an efficient strategy for bringing their app, services, and products to Hong Kong.  

We empowered our client to:

Establish their first office in Asia

Understand their target consumers and market

Identify business

About Mersol & Luo

Mersol & Luo’s expertise on the Chinese economy assist global companies in ensuring their expansion to China is appropriately prepared for to maximize profits and market impact. By having local understanding, relationships and real-time trade experts Mersol & Luo guides you through the process. 

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