Case Study

Health-focused juice brand exceeds sales targets in initial China entry

Client Profile

Berry Juice Co.* is a medium-sized producer of traditional and organic berry-based juices aimed at health-conscious consumers. Primary export markets include EU countries and North America.

Client Challenge

The brand was very interested in entering China; however, they did not understand the market, know if their brand would appeal to local consumers, how to find the right marketing and distribution partners or how to manage those relationships in order to achieve their goals in the market.


We felt confident about the quality of our products and brand but did not know what demand was in China or how to achieve our sales goals. The team at Mersol & Luo did a great job of getting this done for us. This made our entry into China a big success.”

--International Export Manager, Berry Juice Co.​

Mersol & Luo Helped Berry Juice Co. to:

Identifying ideal customers, characteristics, and buying habits

Running an in-depth consumer market analysis, we match brand characteristics and goals to local demand characteristics, build an ideal customer profile, how, why, and where they buy and how to win them over.

Choosing the right local market(s)

Our team assessed the company’s goals, product and available markets to identify the best markets that fit best. Given Berry Juice Co.’s brand position, product quality, pricing, available volumes and risk appetite we recommended several best-fit local markets for initial entry.

Develop a winning go-to-mark strategy

We employ a proven approach to creating a customized data-driven strategy for initial market entry, achieving short-term goals and sustainable long-term growth.

Effectively manage local distribution and marketing partnerships

Managing local sales partnerships We leveraged our local presence, knowledge, and expertise to bridge the language and cultural gap between our client and local partners, overcoming challenges, and ensuring a successful initial entry and growth trajectory in the market.

The client achieved:



local markets



into the Mainland China market



local distribution and marketing partnerships

Achieved sales


initial targets for the market

*We protect the confidentiality of our clients. Although the name has been changed, the results are real.

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