Case Study

German coffee brand builds strong revenue stream in China

Client Profile

Premium Coffee Co. is a medium-sized producer of premium quality coffee with stores in their home market and Southern China as well as distribution throughout the DACH and Chinese markets.

Client Challenge

The coffee producer was interested in selling in China; however, they did not understand the market, know if their brand would appeal to local consumers, how to find the right marketing and distribution partners or how to manage those relationships in order achieve sales goals.


Mersol & Luo really helped us understand where there was space in China for a premium coffee brand like ours, find the best local partners for us to achieve our goals in the market, and achieve our sales goals. We’re now in a position where we can roast beans locally and introduce our products and brands through our own local storefronts.”

--Chief Operations Officer, Premium Coffee Co.

Mersol & Luo Helped Premium Coffee Co. to:

Identify the most viable local markets for their product

We evaluate all existing brand assets, product presentation, and critical factors that will support or hinder the brand in the market to determine its best-fit in-market.

Understand the competitive landscape

Our team assessed the company’s goals, product and available markets to identify the best markets that fit best. Given Premium Coffee Co.’s brand position, product quality, pricing, available volumes and risk appetite we recommended several best-fit local markets for initial entry.

Develop a winning branding strategy

After evaluating the brand, how it compares to like-for-like competitors’ and target customers’ willingness-to-pay we develop a strategy that will best support its success.

Effectively manage local distribution partnerships

We leveraged our local presence, knowledge, and expertise to bridge the language and cultural gap between our client and local partners, overcoming challenges, and ensuring a successful initial entry and growth trajectory in the market.

The client achieved:



local markets

Distribution across


Distribution across 



year-on-year sales growth



different products

*We protect the confidentiality of our clients. Although the name has been changed, the results are real.

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