Case Study

An American Brewery in China

Client's Profile

Our client, an American brewery, was already present in the Chinese market prior to approaching Mersol & Luo, however, it was only focusing on a small market segment in large metropolises. The client’s products are of high quality and well-liked among expats and Chinese who are proficient in English.

Client's Challenge

The problem was that, these consumers only account for a very small share of the whole Chinese market. The products remained unheard to most Chinese consumers.

The client wanted to attract more local consumers, but they didn’t speak the language and only had limited understanding of the local markets, so they couldn’t promote their brand and products effectively in China. For this reason, they approached Mersol & Luo to overcome the language and cultural barriers in order to sell well in China.

For this reason, they needed help assessing the feasibility of entering the market, assessing distributors, negotiating distribution agreements, coordinating import, and developing a long-term marketing strategy.

Mersol & luo Solutions

China Marketing Strategy & Analysis

Our team carried out a holistic market entry strategy that included:

Market Segmentation Analysis

The first step was to divide the client’s potential customer base into groups by analyzing their various attributes to identify their target market segment. This gave the client a better understanding of who their potential customers are in China, and how to reach them.

Social Media Campaign

Afterward, we assisted our client to create corporate accounts on Chinese social media platforms, regularly created and updated Chinese content on those platforms, increased awareness of their brand and products.

Packaging, Bottles, and Website Redesign

We worked with our client to select designers to redesign all the packages, bottles, and the website to tell the story behind the beer and the value of the client’s brand in a way that connects with their target customers.

Marketing Strategy Consulting

We communicated with our client regularly to make sure everything is going smoothly and answered any questions they might have had regarding their marketing strategy.


With Mersol & Luo, our client was able to achieve its goals of:

1. Understanding and determining their target market segment

2. Developing a practical and effective marketing strategy in China

3. Re-designing their packages, bottles, and website to appeal to their target consumers

4. Launching marketing campaigns on Chinese social media platforms


Our client wanted to grow their business in China. However, their marketing campaign was mostly done in English, and their consumer base was limited to expats living in big Chinese metropolitan cities like Beijing and Shanghai. They were able to attract more Chinese consumers by working with Mersol & Luo. With growing demand for more complex-flavored beers among Chinese consumers, their sales doubled within two years.

An American Brewery in China

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