Import Alcohol to China


Carry out due diligence

It is important to know who you are working with. China is a large and complex market. For this reason, knowing key details about an importer or distributor can be difficult. Our local team solves this problem by carrying out due diligence for you. Before beginning contract negotiations with a distributor or importer we will visit their office to confirm key information. This includes their: operations, track record, facilities, sales territory, contract terms, and other capabilities. We will assess risk and the overall suitability of the company for your product, brand, and goals in China.

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Negotiate with Distributors and importers

We will help you negotiate a good contract with the distributor or importer you have chosen to work with. This includes ongoing support throughout the negotiation process. For example, we can arrange meetings and review any draft contracts. As well, our team can answer any questions you have along the way. We will make sure everything goes smoothly and any contract is fair and legal.

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Contract Drafting

Our team of experts will work with both you and your importer or distributor to ensure any contract is fair, enforceable, at par with international business standards and practices, and expresses clear and agreeable payment terms.

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Regulatory Compliance

It is important that your products are ready for import into China. We will work with you and your importer or distributor to make sure this is done properly. For example, our team will ensure labels have been prepared for the Chinese market and meet local requirements. We will also communicate with everyone so the entire process goes smoothly.

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Logistics & Delivery

Once the products arrive in China, responsibility shifts to the importer or distributor. We will work with both of you so there are no problems. Additionally, our tam will update you on the status of the products in China so you know everything has been handled properly. Once delivered, your products can be sold!