Distributor Due Diligence Assessment

You need to know that your sales partners—importers, distributors, or retailers of wine, beer, and liquor—are reliable, trustworthy and capable of helping you achieve your goals in the market.

We take the mystery out of finding the wine, beer, or liquor distributor or importer that is right for you.

By finding distributors and importers with a track record in the industry and interest in your product, then carrying out proper due diligence to confirm key details about their business, capabilities, and likelihood of being able to help you achieve your sales goals in the market. By visiting their facilities and requesting key documents, we provide a full report informing you about:

  • Basic details about the company (e.g. years of operation)
  • Whether they are properly licensed in the company and certified to handle your product type
  • The extent of their geographic distribution or sales territory
  • Details regarding their operations
  • Typical contract requirements, such as payment terms
  • The location and quality of their facilities, such as warehouses, by visiting them in-person
  • The channels they use to distribute and sell products
  • Overall risk of choosing to work with them
  • Our recommendations based our findings

We offer 3 types of due diligence assessment—Essential, Core, and Complete:

  1. The Essential
    Due Diligence:

Confirms basic details about the company’s legal ability to operate and handle your product.

  1. The Core
    Due Diligence:

Goes deeper by looking into their operations, the true extent of their sales territory, and whether their contracts meet international standards.

  1. The Complete
    Due Diligence:

Is exhaustive, adding in a review of their facilities—including on-site images, their sales channels, and going beyond a basic risk rating by giving you a detailed assessment and guidance.

Whether you are looking to start in a few local markets or
have long-term expansion plans, we have the solution for you.

See the features available with each solution and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Features Essential Core Complete
Partner Profile
Licenses & Certificates
Risk Rating
Sales Territory
Standard Requirements
Facilities (with images)
Sales Channels
Risk Assessment
Recommendations & Guidance

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