Our competitor research helps you understand the competition in the Chinese market so you can start exporting and selling your wine, beer, or liquor

Competition among sellers of wine, beer, and liquor in each of the Greater China markets—Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau—is  unique. The competition analysis provides the understanding you need, including:

  • A local product profile, including estimated local retail price
  • The market size
  • Growth outlook for the product in the market
  • A representative sample of competing brands
  • Competition by varietal and price level
  • A measure of consumer awareness of the product type
  • Assessment of strengths and potential challenges
  • Analysis and recommendations

We offer 2 types of competition analysis—
Core and Complete:

  1. The Core Competition Analysis:

provides essential information about existing competition, the market size, and overall potential for the product in the target market.

  1. The Complete Competition Analysis:

delivers a more in-depth and detailed look into competition—both by varietal (e.g. bourbon) and price range (e.g. premium), market size, and consumer awareness.

Whether you are looking to start in a few local markets or have long-term expansion plans, we have the solution for you. See the features available with each solution and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Features Core Complete
Local Product Profile
Market Size by Varietal
Growth Outlook
Existing Market Competition
Market Size by Price Range
Competition within Price Range
Consumer Awareness

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