Pricing is one of the most important factors impacting consumer decision-making. For this reason, it is important to know how the price of your wine, beer, or liquor compares to competitors’ and consumers’ willingness to pay.

Given the population and complexity of the Greater China markets—Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau—how can you know how your product’s price measures up to the competition and whether it is competitive in the market? We have the answers you need.

Our Market Pricing Analysis tells you if your pricing is competitive, right for the market and target customer, and how to overcome any potential challenges

We provide much of the necessary information and in-depth analysis you need to understand your situation and make the best decision for your product in the market, including:

  • Your product’s pricing profile in the market, including estimated local retail price
  • The average national price for your product in the market
  • How your estimated local retail price compares to the prevailing average national price
  • The average local price in each of the top local markets identified in the Target Market Analysis
  • How your estimated local retail price compared to the prevailing average price in each of those local markets
  • The estimated price your Target Consumer is likely to be willing to pay for your product based on demographic information and other reliable metrics
  • The overall outlook regarding your position in the market based on existing prices
  • Recommendations and guidance regarding your current price and strategy

We offer 2 types of Market Pricing Analysis—Core and Complete

The Core analysis focuses on the national level whereas the Complete analysis goes more in-depth, including target consumer and local market pricing. Whether you are looking to sell wine, beer, or liquor in a few local markets or have long-term expansion plans, we have the solution for you. See the features available with each solution and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Features Core Complete
Pricing Profile
National Pricing Comparison
Price Position Analysis
Local Market Level Pricing & Comparison
Target Consumer Pricing
Pricing Outlook

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