To enjoy long-term growth, brand recognition, and added brand value a company needs to prepare their branding for the target local market. Each of the Greater China markets—Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau—are unique and complex in their own way. 

If you want your brand to succeed in any one of these markets, your branding needs to be appealing to local consumers and distributors alike. Wine, beer, and liquor distributors and importers in China understand consumer trends and know what local consumers are likely to be attracted to. For this reason, they will not only be looking at your pricing, but also your branding. This is why it is important to get your branding right from the beginning.

We can assess your existing or planned branding

To ensure it is ready for the market and is likely to appeal to any sales partners, providing guidance and recommendations if any adjustments are needed, our Branding Analysis delivers everything you need to understand how well your branding is prepared for the market, including:

  • Assessment of your name and logo and how it is likely to be perceived by local consumers
  • Review of your existing or planned labels and packaging
  • Examination of your messaging to see if it is culturally appropriate and helps your brand
  • A comparison of your branding with that of direct competitors
  • Translating copy so it sounds natural and culturally relevant in the local market
  • How you are currently or should consider differentiating your brand in the market
  • Recommendations on how to best adjust your branding to appeal to distributors and target consumers

We can help you make your branding ‘China-Ready’

Working with us you can feel confident that your branding will be ready to support your success in the market, allow for future expansion, and increase the equity of your brand.

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