A Premier Market Research Company in China

We are experts in the market for wine, beer, liquor and fine foods in all of Greater China. This includes Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. With us you will know everything you need about the best local markets to sell your products in. We can also identify the best customers for you to focus on, including detailed demographic information and buying habits. Our team will also make sure your branding is ‘China-ready’.

We will help you start importing and selling your wine, beer, or liquor in China.  With us you will enjoy long-term growth and success in the market!

Our team will evaluate existing competition in the market. First, we will see how you compare to your competitors. Then, we will identify the best local markets for your wine, beer, or liquor. This also includes knowing who your target customer is and what kind of distributor or importer you should work with. Once we know all this, our team will  assess your pricing, strategy, and branding. We will make sure you are ready for success in China’s alcohol market.

Exporting, importing and selling wine, beer, and liquor in China can be complex. First, we will find good distributors and importers. Next, we will carry out due diligence to confirm they are right for you. Finally, we provide support for negotiating contracts, meeting regulatory requirements, arranging for import. Our team provides ongoing support. We will help you coordinate and manage the relationship with your sales partners and grow.

We provide a complete suite of branding services. Our team can develop your brand presence, awareness and sales in China. First, we review your existing or planned branding. This includes all the brand assets you need. Common ones include labels, packaging, and messaging–as well as other brand assets. We will ensure you are ready to succeed in China’s wine, beer, and liquor market. 

Some companies want to register a local company in China. We can help these companies. First, we can help you register a local company. Once this is done, we can assist you with opening a local bank account. Additionally, we are able to help you apply for any licenses or certificates you need to do business legally in China.