Personal Care Products Industry

Increasingly wealthy and sophisticated consumers in Asia are seeking personal care brands that deliver the quality they need and fit the lifestyle they want.

Additional opportunities are emerging for companies as consumers become more health and environmentally conscious. Yet companies face challenges in adapting to changing consumer preferences, evolving competition, and shifting business environments. We help companies navigate these challenges, leveraging our unique insights and extensive experience to position them for long-term success.

Industry Brief

Read the latest information and data on key sectors in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia's respective personal care products industries.

Personal Care Products

What We Do

Mersol & Luo works with personal care products companies from around the world to:

Optimize market strategy

Having a comprehensive market strategy is a critical component of success in the highly competitive markets in Asia. How to craft a strategy that will be effective in these markets? Mersol & Luo applies our market knowledge, experience, data and analytical tools to ensure clients an optimized strategy for each Asian market we serve.

Anticipate consumer trends

As the personal care products industry grows in Asia, the consumers are becoming pickier. Only companies that keep their finger on the pulse of consumer trends and adapt can maintain a competitive edge. Mersol & Luo pays close attention to shifting trends and offers forecasting, analytics and advice to clients so that can prepare for the changes.

Identify and mitigate risks

Risks in the personal care products industry take many forms in Asia. These range from regulatory to political and global changes in the business environment. We provide clients with a strong grasp of the risks they face, the value of these risks, and how to mitigate them.

Increase brand value

Brand is one of the most essential assets for a personal care product. Ensuring the brand resonates with its target consumers so that the company and the product can survive and thrive. Mersol & Luo identifies their target consumer groups for clients and advises them on how to adjust their branding, brand design, and the message it communicates so they can attract their target consumers.

Our clients in the personal care products industry include companies in the following product sectors:

Client Results

Re-branding resulted in successful entry into the China market

Skin Care Co. had been trying to enter the Mainland China market without success. They wanted to tap into China’s growing and increasingly health-conscious consumer market yet didn’t know why they couldn’t find importer or distributors that are interested.