Consumer Electronics

Factory Asia is a global powerhouse as a source of and market for consumer electronics.

Mainland China alone accounts for approximately one-third of the global manufacturing output. Yet many companies find setting up production or tapping into local demand challenging. We provide clients with the advice and support they need to overcome these challenges, reducing costs and boosting value and revenue.

Industry Brief

Read the latest information and data on key sectors in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia's respective consumer electronics industries.

Consumer Electronics

What We Do

Mersol & Luo works with consumer electronics companies from around the world to:

Evaluate feasibility

Evaluating feasibility is crucial to business leaders making the best decisions for their company and stakeholders. Yet many companies skip this, resulting in a misallocation of scarce resources, working with the wrong partners, executing the wrong strategy, and many other mistakes. Leveraging our knowledge, experience, data and analysis, we ensure our clients clearly understand the feasibility of a business option and the best way to move their company forward.

Anticipate consumer trends

The pace of innovation in the consumer electronics industry is blistering, with companies competing to bring the newest gadget to market first. Businesses that keep close tabs on what consumers want and adapt quickly can stay ahead of competitors. Mersol & Luo provides clients with up-to-date consumer trends, forecasting and analytics to ensure they are well-positioned to adapt their company to the future.

Assess and mitigate risks

The production and sale of consumer electronics in Asia entail risks. These risks take many forms, ranging from economic to political. Mersol & Luo assesses the risks clients face in the area, their value and offers solutions on how to avoid or reduce their exposure to these risks.

Increase brand value

Branding is a core component of a consumer electronic product, representing its quality, as well as the value and lifestyle consumers associate it with. We identify the target consumer groups for our clients’ consumer electronics, then offer suggestions on branding, design and messaging to make them more appealing to their target consumer groups.

Our clients in the consumer electronics industry include companies in the following product sectors:

Client Results

Assessing feasibly enables company to avoid losses, invest in a high-return strategy

Mobile Co. was preparing to make a major investment in the production of several product types in China. However, they had two concerns: 1) was their contract manufacturer capable and reliable and 2) was their plan feasible in the Mainland China market given recent regulatory changes?