Beverage Industry

From strategy adaptation to sales and brand awareness, beverage companies face major challenges in Asian markets.

Consumer preferences for alcohol products in mature and emerging markets are changing constantly while global consumption is shifting toward Asia, particularly China. These untapped markets bring great challenges if companies are not properly prepared. Mersol & Luo has helped companies across the globe and of all sizes seize new opportunities and adapt to change, while increasing value and sustainable growth.

Industry Brief

Read the latest information and data on key sectors in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia's respective beverage industries.

Beverage Industry

What We Do

Mersol & Luo works with beverage companies from around the world to:

Optimize market strategy

As new beverage categories emerge, consumer preferences fluctuate, regulations change and competition increases, companies need to adapt their strategy for a changing business environment. We provide companies with strategic advice to help them cope with change, take advantage of opportunities, and achieve strong and sustainable growth.

Track consumer trends

Consumer behavior and preferences are continually changing. Companies that fail to anticipate and adapt to these changes and trends risk falling behind. Mersol & Luo delivers up-to-date forecasting, analysis, and advice to companies, taking advantage of the latest data, analytics, and tools.

Understand and minimize risks

Risks in the beverage industry take many forms, ranging from new regulations on sugar content to input costs and reputation. We help companies understand the risks they face, the value of these risks, and how to take steps to minimize their exposure and turn others into opportunities.

Boost brand value

A beverage company’s brand is one of their most valuable assets. By advising beverage companies on how to improve their brand and how it’s communicated, we help them protect and increase the value of their brand for stakeholders and customers.

Our clients in the beverage industry include companies in the following product sectors:

Client Results

Change in strategy takes company from loss to growth

After enjoying early success in the Taiwan market, Beer Co. expanded into local markets in southern China. However, the company was losing money in Mainland China and market share in Taiwan. They approached Mersol & Luo because they needed a change in strategy to shift from loss to growth and profitability.