Baby Products Industry

Increased spending power and rising awareness about infant nutrition, safety and hygiene is fueling the growth of the baby products industry in Asia.

International brands, however, find themselves facing growing competition from local companies. We help companies rise with the tide of this booming industry while getting ahead of the competition in Asian markets.

Industry Brief

Read the latest information and data on key sectors in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macao, Singapore, and Malaysia's respective pet products industries.

Baby Products

What We Do

Mersol & Luo works with baby products companies from around the world to:

Optimize market strategy

As the baby products industry booms, companies face stiffer competition. Consumer preferences and the regulatory environment can also shift. Crafting and adopting an effective strategy enable companies to generate higher sales and maintain sustainable growth. Our strategic advice empowers companies to adapt to change, leveraging our market expertise and experience, and latest analytics and tools.

Track consumer trends

Understanding local consumer preferences and habits is key for companies to succeed. These consumer trends, however, are constantly changing. How to anticipate and adapt to them? We deliver valuable market insights to companies, lets our clients anticipate changes and prepare for them.

Understand and minimize risks

Risks in the baby products industry appear in various forms, ranging from changing regulations on food content requirements to increasing shipping costs and more. We assess the risks companies face, the value to their company, and how they can minimize their exposure and turn risks into opportunities.

Boost brand value

A strong brand is a key part of any effort to promote a product. We help companies devise effective ways to increase brand awareness and generate growth by ensuring the branding and brand design suit local consumers’ preferences and boost customers’ brand loyalty.

Client Results

Reorganization and change in corporate culture increase effectiveness, sales and talent retention

Baby Food Co. had been enjoying success in Hong Kong, yet their operations in Mainland China faced problems, including decreasing sales and high employee turnover rate. After working with Mersol & Luo, Baby Food Co. changed its organizational management and corporate culture to better suit Mainland China’s culture.