Our experience spans major consumer-facing industries and challenges in key Asian markets.

This gives us a unique perspective that we bring to every client relationship. We help you understand these markets, discover new opportunities, and achieve results that expand the boundaries of the possible.

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Chinese consumers are looking to imported beverages, from coffee to beer, as they seek higher quality and healthier options. Mersol & Luo gets you ahead of the competition, so you reach customers who want to buy your product.

Demand for baby products, ranging from foods to car seats, is increasing quickly in Asia. We help companies turn a changing business environment into new opportunities for growth.

Local consumer tastes and needs are fast evolving. We ensure you understand these changes, so you’re position to offer customers the right consumer electronics at the right time, supporting your company’s growth.

Demand for luxury products in Asia is high and growing, yet competition is fierce and consumer preferences are constantly changing. We empower companies with the right strategy and understanding of trends, all critical to long-term success.

Preferences are local, but competition is global. Mersol & Luo helps companies stay ahead of changing consumer preferences and identify emerging opportunities, achieving long-term sustainable growth in a fast-moving industry.

Health and beauty are perennial concerns to consumers yet cutting through the clutter of brands in the market can be challenging. We make sure companies’ brands are positioned to connect with local consumers, cut through the noise, and deliver high-value to both our clients and their customers.

Pet products is one of the newest and fastest growing consumer product categories in Asia. Mersol & Luo delivers the analytics, strategy and plan for execution companies need to tap into increased demand and stay ahead of changes in the market.

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