Identify the Best Customers for your Alcohol in China

Alcohol Customers China


Before selling alcohol in China, companies must first identify their ideal consumers. This means studying their buying habits and potential, drink preference and other demographic information that will affect their purchase decision.

How to Identify the Best Customers for your Alcohol in China

For Wine

In China, most wine enthusiasts who consider themselves connoisseurs have diverse tastes and are quite adventurous in their purchases. Most of these consumers are young, middle-class drinkers whose rising disposable income allow them to indulge freely. They mostly consume wines when socializing with friends in restaurants and pubs.

Meanwhile, the country also has price-sensitive and health-minded wine drinkers who are not as daring in their choices. They mostly limit their purchases to entry-level to mid-tier wines that they can get from supermarkets. Specialty wines, especially organic ones, are good picks for them. Most of these drinkers consume wine at home or only on special occasions.

For Beer

A typical, middle-aged Chinese male prefers low-cost, mass-produced beers which can be easily bought from supermarkets. Meanwhile, younger beer lovers like trying all types of brews, both local and imported brands. A rising trend among them is their increasing preference for beers with low alcohol or non-alcoholic content.

How to Identify the Best Customers for your Alcohol in China

There is also a group of beer aficionados who like artisan and specialty brews. Craft beers are becoming popular as the demand for innovative, higher-quality beer grows. These are more expensive than the mass-market, low-alcohol content ones available nationwide. Consumers shell out money to buy them as they want brews that cannot be found in a regular convenience store.

For Liquor

China’s spirits lovers spend big bucks to buy premium and expensive alcohols. Younger drinkers are risk-takers, eager to try unheard-of brands in the market, while older, conservative drinkers tend to stick to the classics. These are high-income consumers who enjoy the prestige associated with drinking premium liquor during business meetings or at home.

Meanwhile, there are some casual and infrequent drinkers who do not splurge and buy only quality but reasonably-priced liquors. They consume spirits during special occasions or friendly get-togethers. Most of their purchases are from off-trade channels where selection is wider and more varied. These drinkers are also highly receptive to promo offers and discounts.

Parting Thoughts on Identifying the Best Customers for your Alcohol in China

To have better chances of success in China’s highly competitive alcohol market, foreign companies must study the preferences and mindset of their ideal customers. This will allow them to differentiate themselves from other brands in the market and make a bigger impact.

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