Start Selling Wine, Beer, and Liquor in China

Do you want to export wine, beer, or liquor to China?

Our Core Solution helps you begin or expand sales beyond a single local market (e.g. Shanghai), understand existing competition in the market and whether our pricing strategy is right for the target market and customer. With our support, you will understand the market, find the right distributors or importers and lay the foundation for future expansion and brand building.


We will evaluate the current situation for your product in the market, including:

  • Recent growth trends
  • Brand awareness
  • Sales goals
  • Challenges
  • Solutions

Knowing how you compare to the existing competition in the market is a key part of planning for success. In our Core Competition Analysis, we evaluate:

  • Existing competition
  • Estimated retail price
  • Market Size
  • Growth potential
  • General market competition

We look at all the local markets in your target national market, delivering a Complete Target Market Analysis which includes:

  • Assess the affordability of your product in up to 5 local markets:
  • ide an estimate of the market size for your product
  • Generate a detailed profile for:
  • The best local markets
  • Ideal target sales partner

We will examine existing or proposed product pricing, measure it against anticipated retail pricing and prevailing prices in the national market in our Core Market Pricing Analysis, providing:

  • National pricing for your product type
  • How your estimated retail price compares nationally
  • Recommendations regarding pricing strategy

Finding Sales Partners

We will draw up a list of qualified importers and distributors. Based on your feedback and requirements, we will provide a short list of those we recommend investigating first. Our team will then carry out proper due diligence on the best choices.

It is important to know about an importer or distributor’s operations, licenses, potential risks and overall suitability for you as a sales partner. We visit the distributors and importers, delivering our Core Due Diligence Assessment which includes:

  • Partner profile
  • Licenses and certificates
  • Operations
  • Sales territory
  • Standard requirements (e.g. payment terms)
  • Risk assessment and rating

Negotiation & Contract Support

We will provide ongoing local support for opening negotiations and bringing them to a successful conclusion, troubleshooting, and ensuring the final contract is fair, clear, meets international business standards, and is enforceable.

Import & Sales Support

We will coordinate with both you and the local buyer or sales partner to ensure proper regulatory compliance, that payments are made in a transparent manner, and the logistics, warehousing and overall importation process goes smoothly so sales can begin

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How can I find out if there’s high potential for my product to succeed in the market?

We can look at all the things that contribute to success in the market, including: competition, growth outlook, pricing, branding, and identify the best local markets, ideal sales partner and target customers.

How can I find an importer or distributor to help sell my products in the local market?

We help you find sales partners who fit your needs and requirements, then carry out due diligence to confirm they are both capable and trustworthy and assess risk. We then support you through the negotiation, contract, and import process.

How long does it take before we can start selling our products in the market?

This depends on multiple factors, such as the product type, time spent evaluating the market, shipping time, and how quickly your sales partner processes everything. Typically, 6-12 months.

Can you help us manage our local operations and brand development?

Yes, we can help you with everything from managing the relationship with your sales partner and monitoring sales to long-term brand development.