Start Exporting to and Selling Alcohol in China!

We can help you understand China's alcohol market, find the right distributors and importers, and start exporting your wine, beer, or liquor to the Greater China markets.

We can help you sell your alcohol to China!

We have the solution you need to start exporting your alcohol to the Greater China markets—Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. Together, we will find the best way to bring your product to market, increase sales, and enjoy long-term growth and expansion. Learn about our solutions and contact us to start exporting to and selling in China today!


Our Solutions

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Best for companies that want to export to a single local market


Best for companies that want to export to a few local markets and expand sales


Best for companies that want to export to multiple local markets, develop their brand, and plan for long-term expansion


How can I find out if there’s high potential for my product to succeed in the market?

We can look at all the things that contribute to success in the market, including: competition, growth outlook, pricing, branding, and identify the best local markets, ideal sales partner and target customers.

How can I find an importer or distributor to help sell my products in the local market?

We help you find sales partners who fit your needs and requirements, then carry out due diligence to confirm they are both capable and trustworthy and assess risk. We then support you through the negotiation, contract, and import process.

How long does it take before we can start selling our products in the market?

This depends on multiple factors, such as the product type, time spent evaluating the market, shipping time, and how quickly your sales partner processes everything. Typically, 6-12 months.

Can you help us manage our local operations and brand development?

Yes, we can help you with everything from managing the relationship with your sales partner and monitoring sales to long-term brand development.