Businesses seek to maximize returns while minimizing risks.

We help companies achieve this in Asian markets by assessing risks in the business environment, advising how to manage risk, turn risk into an opportunity, and plan for risks both known and unknown. With our expertise and knowledge companies can move forward confident they are prepared to face future risks and opportunities alike.

What We Do

Mersol & Luo works with companies from around the world to:

Assessing risk

Gain a clear understanding of the risk landscape your company faces. We provide companies with a clear and ongoing assessment of the risks they face so they can consider options in context and make the best decision.

Managing risk

Manage your company’s risk exposure and adapt your strategy to the changing risk landscape. Mersol & Luo leverages its knowledge, experience and tools to advice clients on how to properly manage and adapt to risks.

Turning risk into opportunity

Change presents both risks and opportunities. We work with companies to assess the impact of risks and seize market and competitive opportunities arising from change. This turns potential risks into additional value and a source of growth for our clients.

Planning for the unknown

Data is the most valuable currency of the 21st Century. To unluck the value of data, companies need the right tools and expertise. We provide the tools, knowledge, and expertise you need to evolve, experiment, and find the right solutions for your company today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Featured Client Results

Improved risk monitoring and management lead to lower risk exposure, higher resilience

Dairy Co. approached Mersol & Luo because it was concerned about how recent and upcoming regulatory changes would affect its business. They were unsure of how to evaluate the risk to their company and how to prepare their company for these changes.

How We Work

Mersol & Luo’s risk analysts help clients assess and manage risks their business faces in Asian markets. This enables companies to overcome common and tail risk events and find opportunities in adversity, supporting sustained growth and value creation.

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