Agile organizations well-prepared to adapt to a changing business environment will outperform competitors and sustain long-term growth and value creation.

Yet most companies are not designed to achieve this. We help companies improve performance and become a place that attracts and retains high-quality talent, ensuring your entire organization can carry out your strategy and achieving your goals.

What We Do

Mersol & Luo works with companies from around the world to:

Support transition from strategy to results

The transition from strategy to execution can be challenging for companies. We help companies bridge this gap, providing the tools and guidance they need to plot a clear course from where they are to where they want to go.

Optimize organization decision-making and execution

Having agile processes for decision-making and execution are critical for an organization to be effective. Mersol & Luo assesses and develops companies’ decision-making and execution methods to ensure effectiveness and optimize for adaptability in a fast-moving and competitive business environment.

Advance effective corporate culture and change

A high-performing culture and ability to adapt to change are fundamental to the success of a company. We leverage our understanding of organization design and experience with corporate cultures across regions and industries to help companies develop a positive and high-performing culture and carry out organization changes necessary to adapt to a fast-evolving world.

Improve talent management

A company’s greatest asset is its team. Mersol & Luo helps companies define current and future talent needs and create the best approach to finding, developing, and deploying talent to meet the companies’ needs and foster growth for both them and their team members.

Featured Client Results

Reorganization and change in corporate culture increase effectiveness, sales and talent retention

The company had been enjoying success in the Hong Kong market for nearly 5 years. Yet their 18-month-old operations in Mainland China were clearly facing problems. Sales were down despite high customer satisfaction and success early on. Additionally, the employee turnover rate, from entry-level to upper management, had reached an unsustainable level. Baby Food Co. needed to identify the problem and how to solve it.

How We Work

Mersol & Luo’s market analysts and designers help clients improve the impact of their brand, increase value for customers and deliver increased equity to stakeholders. This drives long-term growth and value creation for companies.

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