Machines may power production, but knowledge drives innovation and the long-term success of companies.

We provide the data, analysis, and expertise companies need to derive key insights into Asian markets and opportunities for their company to grow there. 

What We Do

Mersol & Luo works with companies from around the world to:

Deliver in-depth analytics

Data drives the success of businesses in the 21st century, yet few companies have the tools, expertise and experience needed to benefit from the value of big data. Our highly skilled team with advanced degrees in fields ranging from statistics to economics and mathematics apply modern techniques, tools, and experience to derive powerful insights and value from data.

Produce accurate forecasting

Long before the Oracle of Delphi was built, people have longed to know what the future holds. We empower companies with forecasting using the latest techniques and data. This enables companies to anticipate and prepare for change. Whether forecasting prices, consumer demand, or macro-level shifts in the business environment, companies will be able to adjust their supply chains, products, operations, and strategy.

Support better decision making

In today’s competitive business environment, decision-making is increasingly important, yet companies have less time to make the right one. With our expertise, knowledge, and support companies can make better decisions in less time. This gives companies the competitive edge they need.

Featured Client Results

In-depth market intelligence and analysis open up expansion opportunities

Having found success in its home market, Pet Care Co. wanted to expand into the Hong Kong market. However, it needed to understand local consumer needs, behavior, and whether the regulatory environment was welcoming for services and products like the ones they offered.

How We Work

Mersol & Luo’s intelligence, data, and analytics experts help clients understand Asian markets and overcome the challenges they face. We offer tailored solutions to help clients achieve their goals, adapt, and attain long-term growth.

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