Feasibility & Valuation

Not every good idea is feasible and not all feasible ones sufficiently valuable.

Knowing whether an opportunity, partnership, or other business investment is right for a company is critical, yet many companies don’t thoroughly assess their feasibility before diving in. We leverage our understanding of Asian markets, latest data and analytics tools to help clients assess the feasibility of opportunities and measure their value as a source of growth.

What We Do

Mersol & Luo works with companies from around the world to:

Ensure feasibility of business strategy

Make sure your business plans for Asian markets are backed by good data and professional analysis. We ensure clients know the feasibility of their strategy for the market so they can invest resources wisely and avoid high-risk products, markets, and other potential sources of loss.

Evaluate value of business decisions

Whether entering into a market, expanding, or joining with a company in partnership or merger companies need to know the value of this decision. Mersol & Luo provides companies with accurate valuations of business opportunities using tested and data-driven tools and analytics so clients can move forward knowing they’re making the right decision.

Identify opportunities for growth

Companies continually face the challenge of accurately identifying market trends and emerging opportunities so they can shift their growth strategy. We work with our clients to identify existing and emerging opportunities for their company in Asian markets so they can sustain growth and remain ahead of competitors.

Featured Client Results

Assessing feasibility enables company to avoid losses, invest in high-return strategy

The company was preparing to make a major investment in pass production of several product types in China. However, they had two concerns: 1) was their contract manufacturer capable and reliable and 2) was their plan feasible given in the Mainland China market given recent regulatory changes?

How We Work

Mersol & Luo’s market analysts help clients assess the feasibility and value of opportunities in Asian markets. We empower companies to invest their resources wisely, maximizing future returns, and avoiding common and costly mistakes. This supports companies’ long-term mission and growth.

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