Branding & Design

One size doesn’t fit all. Yet most companies choose not to adapt their products, branding and how these are communicated to local consumers.

This holds companies back from reaching their potential in Asia. We help companies localize their branding and use designs and improve customer targeting by taking advantage of preferences and behavior unique to the local market. 

What We Do

Mersol & Luo works with companies from around the world to:

Improve targeting and localization

Outpace competitors by understanding what local consumers want and how you can tailor your products and branding to effectively attract more customers. We advise companies on how to take advantage of opportunities linked to preferences and purchasing behavior among local consumers. This supports more effective marketing and increased awareness and sales. 

Increase brand equity

A company’s brand is one of the single greatest sources of equity yet typically remains underdeveloped and utilized. Mersol & Luo works with companies to refine brand assets to increase brand equity and deliver increased value to both stakeholders and customers. 

Deliver growth by design

More effective branding drives sales and local brand loyalty, boosting market share and delivering sustainable growth for companies. We help clients achieve this by drawing on our expertise and experience to deliver designs that help them achieve their goals in the market.

Featured Client Results

How re-branding supported successful entry into the China market

Skin Care Co. wanted to tap into China’s growing and increasingly health-conscious consumer market yet didn’t know why they were failing or how to successfully break into the market.

How We Work

Mersol & Luo’s market analysts and designers help clients improve the impact of their brand, increase value for customers and deliver increased equity to stakeholders. This drives long-term growth and value creation for companies.

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