As the center of gravity of global consumption shifts toward Asia and China, in particular, new opportunities and challenges are emerging for companies.

Our solutions focus on our clients’ most critical challenges and opportunities: intelligence, strategy, risk, feasibility and valuation, organization, and branding and design. We bring proven, practical expertise and are known for our systematic approach to increasing value and driving long-term sustainable growth for our clients.

How We Help

Receive the market intelligence and analytics that lead to the development of better strategies and decision-making specific to your company and strategic goals. We deliver key insights using the latest data, methodology, tools, and expertise.

Become agile and evolve in a continually changing business environment, developing robust strategies that drive the long-term growth and success of your company. Mersol & Luo is your strategic advisor in an increasingly complex world.

Understand risks and plan for the known and unknown a like so your company can move forward confident that you are ready for the opportunities and challenges ahead. We know how to assess risks affecting companies and expand possibilities.

Understand the feasibility of a plan, product, or idea you have for the Greater China market. Receive an accurate valuation of your company and prospects for the purpose of planning or investment. Mersol & Luo examines a company’s fundamentals, market conditions and other key factors to determine how to invest resources and maximize returns.

Make your team and organization an agile and effective tool for innovation and execution of strong strategies in a competitive and rapidly evolving business environment. Mersol & Luo pairs organizational expertise with understanding of local culture to create effective business processes, positive corporate cultures, and strong teams.

Communicate your brand, product, and values to local consumers, supported by effective and coherent branding that resonates with local consumers and earns long-term loyalty and admiration. We turn brands into culturally viable and competitive engines for growth and a source of value for clients and their customers.

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