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We are experts in guiding clients in becoming successful brands in the Greater China Markets


Understand the market, opportunity and risks

Develop market entry strategy and plan

Support importer, distributor and sales partner search

Negotiation and agreement signing process

Successfully import and sell

Monitoring, re-strategizing and growth

• Feasibility
• Regulations
• Competition
• Outlook & Opportunities
• Risk Mitigation
• Target market analysis – which local target market is best?
• Target Customer Profile
• Importer and Distributor qualification and strategic partnering
• Pricing analysis
• Branding evaluation
• How to find an importer
• Due diligence of importer
• Localized support and translation
• Local law and business review
• Sales goal obtainment
• Continued growth assessment
• Validating partner performance
• In-market brand assessment
• Secondary market expansions
• New product introduction

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