Case Study

How re-branding supported in successful entry into the China market

Client Profile

Skin Care Co.* is a small skin care product brand. The company focuses on organic products using natural ingredients, serving up-market health-conscious customers. It has a strong online and retail presence in several high-income markets in addition to the Mainland China market.

The Challenge

Before approaching Mersol & Luo, the company had been trying to enter the Mainland China market without success. Despite strong positive reviews from customers in their home market, no online or offline retailers, distributors and importers in China had shown interest. Skin Care Co. wanted to tap into China’s growing and increasingly health-conscious consumer market yet didn’t know why they were failing or how to successfully break into the market.

Our Approach

We carried out a comparative consumer study, looking at what customers in the company’s home market liked about the products and brand and how this compared to consumer behavior, preferences and other factors in China. After delivering our conclusions and recommendations to Skin Care Co. we advised them through the process of localizing their branding and presentation so it appealed to Chinese retailers and customers while retaining what made the product and brand popular elsewhere.

The Results

Working with Mersol & Luo, Skin Care Co. was able to alter its branding and how it was communicated to achieve its two primary goals of securing a local sales partner and attracting local consumers. The company signed agreements with several regional distributors in China, began generating sales and developing brand awareness and loyalty among local consumers.

Impact in 18 months






product label



importers and

sales and brand awareness

*We protect the confidentiality of our clients. Although the name has been changed, the results are real.