Catering to China’s Increasingly Pampered Pets

China Pet Market

China’s Pet Products Market

The rising pet parenting trend and consumer’s higher standard of living are fueling rapid growth in China’s pet care market. The 73 million pet owners in China are willing to spend more on imported, premium quality goods. Increased awareness of pet’s health and well-being is prompting owners to pay special attention to the nutritional value of pet foods. Smart products like automatic feeding devices and intelligent accessories are gaining traction. Most Chinese purchase pet care products online due to convenience and a wide selection of goods.

Key Trends in China’s Pet Care Market

Pet Food

Pet food sales in China reached US$2.2 billion in 2018. Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong are the biggest local markets for pet food. Owners are choosing easy-to-digest food that features healthy, traditional ingredients. Sales of natural, grain-free pet food, as well as specialized food products, are also rising. E-commerce is an appealing and trusted channel for consumers, accounting for 48% of total pet food sales in China.

Pet Grooming and Care Products  

Pet owners in China spend around RMB 10,000 (US$1,398) on pet grooming every year. The main distribution channels for pet care products are store-based retailers, but internet retailing is gaining ground. There is a growing demand for organic skin and coat products, as well as flea powders and natural hairball aids. Sales of digestive enzymes and probiotics made with organic substances are also on the rise.

China pet products market

Pet Accessories  

Custom-made items like nameplates, chains, cushions, matching outfits, pendants and purses are particularly popular in China. Smart products, like wearable GPS trackers and collars, are also catching the attention of many pet owners. Likewise, sales of intelligent pet toilets, automatic water fountains and other smart home products are rising.

Pet Toys

Sales of pet toys in China totaled RMB 12.5 billion (US$1.7 billion) in 2016. Educational and interactive toys are popular choices among pet owners. There is a rising demand for play and agility tunnels. Television networks designed specifically for pets is also a new trend in pet care in China. Safety remains a top priority for pet toy purchases.

Pet Health Supplements  

Demand for pet supplements and vitamins rose by 13% in China in 2015. Prescription diet pet foods treat a variety of ailments, including indigestion, compulsive itching and heart disease. Sales of supplements to enhance overall pet health, including those that improve hair and skin condition, are rising. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores and online stores are both popular channels for consumer purchases.

Parting Thoughts

China presents significant opportunities for pet-related businesses, but there are also challenges. Competition has become fierce due to the consumer’s high expectations of the goods they buy for their increasingly pampered pets. To succeed, companies must cater to the growing demand for quality and trustworthy products.

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