Gin in China

Gin in China

Introduction Gin is a relatively new category generating much excitement, particularly from China’s younger generation. Although it has been available in the country for more than two decades now, many consumers still have difficulty differentiating the liquor from other white spirits like baijiu. While gin makes up for only a fractional share of the Chinese …

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The Booming Non-Alcoholic Beer Market in China

Non-Alcoholic Beer China

A Worldwide Trend Non- and low alcoholic beer is the fastest-growing segment in the beer industry. Sales are booming worldwide, having increased by 3.9% in the past five years. There is a growing trend of drinking brews with no- or low level of alcohol among consumers. Meanwhile, brewers have noted a noticeable decline in sales …

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Types of Beer Consumers in Taiwan

Types of Beer Consumers in Taiwan

In Taiwan, beer companies have learned to pattern their marketing approaches to the taste and preference of the different consumer groups. This allows them to evaluate each segment’s purchasing potential and meet the existing demand without wasting money and effort on pointless advertisements and promotions. Taiwan’s Beer Consumer Groups The Trend Seekers This group is …

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The Growing White Wine Market in China

White Wine Market China

Introduction With economic growth and changing consumer lifestyle among consumers, China’s demand for wine continues to grow year after year. Younger drinkers account for a growing share of consumption. This is opening up opportunities for local and foreign vintners alike. While red wine remains the most consumed in the country, white wine has been making …

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