Case Studies

We receive great satisfaction helping our clients successfully enter the Chinese market, grow their business, and meet—if not surpass—their sales and development goals. We have had the opportunity to help clients in multiple industries–food, beverage, consumer personal care products, and property, among others—determine the feasibility of entering the market, clearly understand the market and minimize their risks, find the right local partners, and develop a market strategy best able to build a valuable brand and maximize their return on investment in China.

South African Rum Producer in China

We helped a small single-estate rum distillery determine the feasibility of bringing their products to China, including where to sell, to whom, using which channels, and at a competitive, yet profitable price point. We guided them through the difficult process of finding a trustworthy, reliable, and competent local distributor, negotiating a fair contract, and working with both our client and the distributor to develop the best strategy for promoting the brand and selling their products in China. With our help, the client was able to succeed in the Chinese market and continues to grow their business there.

Portuguese Winery in China

Out client is a Portuguese winery looking to sell their wines in China. Although already selling some of their wines in Macau, they were unfamiliar with the Mainland China market, where they faced a significant barrier due to differences in culture, language and business practices. They wanted to find distributors they can trust to sell their wine in China.

A Russian Sunflower Oil Producer in China

Our client, a Russian cooking oil producer, focused on producing high grade edible oils for frying, cooking, and raw use (e.g. salads). The firm had previously been exporting to other large markets, such as the U.S., EU, and Japan and wanted to break into China’s fast-growing consumer market. China is now among their top 5 most important export markets.

A Moroccan Argan Oil Product Retailer Greater China

Our client, a Moroccan producer of Argan oil-based skin care products, focused on producing a range of skin care products—including shampoos, lotions, and the like. The company was already selling their products in bulk and under their own brands in North America, Europe, Korea, and
Japan, and wanted to enter the Chinese market, where demand for such skin care products was large and growing.