Wine Consumption in Hong Kong and China: The Differences

Wine Consumption Hong Kong China

Introduction China and Hong Kong are two of the leading wine markets in Asia. Imports continue to grow year by year, fueled by the consumers surging demand for high-quality vintages. These drinkers are backed by their rising disposable incomes, allowing them to purchase pricier, premium wines from all over the world. No wonder, China and …

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Selling a Premium Alcohol Brand in China

premium alcohol china

A Booming Market for Premium Alcohol In China, increased exposure to Western lifestyles has paved for the rise of global consumer culture. More Chinese are drinking for leisure, supported by their rising disposable incomes. Most of them are brand conscious and demand only the best in the market. Consumption of premium alcohol in China has …

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How to Export Alcohol to Hong Kong

Export alcohol to hong kong

Hong Kong: an Attractive Alcohol Market As a regional trading center and gateway to the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong is an attractive market for many foreign companies. Imported goods, especially alcohol, are well represented in the market. Meanwhile, consumption continues to increase year-by-year as the emerging Hong Kong middle-class demand better quality alcoholic beverages. Imports …

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Packaging in China: How to Attract Chinese Consumers

Packaging in China

Introduction The first impression is crucial in building a consumer’s perception of a product. It is important to stand out among millions of products in the market. This is why companies have to plan their campaign well. Packaging can be one of the factors that determine a consumer’s purchasing preference. This does not only include …

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All About the Hong Kong Wine Market

hong kong wine market

Key Facts of the Hong Kong Wine Market Hong Kong is one of Asia’s leading wine consumer markets. Since import duty has been dropped in 2008, wine sales have soared up to 54%. Imports reached HK$1.53 billion (US$194 million) in 2017 and wine per capita is at 4.9 liters. The entire wine business, from trading …

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