Building the Future of Globalization

What We Do

We provide producers of consumer goods with the experience, expertise, and support they need to succeed in the China markets. We cover everything from strategy and research to branding and sales channel.

Our Vision

Empower people and organizations with the knowledge and understanding they need to succeed in a globalized world.

Our Values


We are a company of the 21st century, embracing change and forward-looking thinking. We take innovative approaches to old and new problems alike. We empower our clients by providing the solutions they need to achieve their goals.


We are dedicated to building a sustainable future for global production and consumption. We work with companies to develop their business in ways that meet our commitment to environmentally sustainable growth and advancement.


Diversity is in our company’s DNA. The best solutions come from different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We seek team members from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to foster an environment that embraces diversity and difference.

Our Leadership


Michael Meršol-Barg

Chief executive officer

Michael has lived and worked in China and Hong Kong for nearly 8 years. He brings years of experience and knowledge related to doing business in China. Michael studied Chinese at Johns Hopkins University and holds a master’s degree in economics from Peking University, China’s top university. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Jiamin Zeng 曾嘉敏

Chief Intelligence Officer

Jiamin manages Mersol & Luo’s operations in the Greater China markets. She has published many articles on the Chinese market, economy, and international trade. Jiamin is a graduate of Michigan State University’s James Madison College and fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese and several other Chinese languages.


Paige Redmon

Chief Growth Officer

Paige has years of experience in marketing, sales, and branding working with firms in Silicon Valley and much of the US. She brings passion and a mix of technical and non-technical backgrounds together to deliver data-driven results. Paige is also CEO of Bmore Strategic, a B2B strategy firm, and holds an MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology.


Our alumni network includes highly talented professionals working in numerous industries and countries across the world. Through formal and information networking, our alumni network continues to grow. These experiences and strong relationships are a lasting benefit to both us and our alumni.

Featured Alumni

Richard Zhang 张俊琪​

Richard joined Mersol & Luo during the company’s founding stage, serving as general legal counsel. He was instrumental in establishing the firm’s subsidiaries and managing client-related legal matters. Richard is currently practicing at a Wall Street law firm in New York City, focusing on funds and M&A matters. 

“My experience at Mersol & Luo provided me with first-hand knowledge and opportunities to work with SMEs and providing legal services integrating clients’ business strategies.”

Emma Li 李梦诗​

Emma joined Mersol & Luo as a Legal Consultant, providing guidance on how to navigate the Chinese market and regulatory environment for clients. She is currently working in Shanghai as a foreign legal consultant at Kirkland & Ellis, a large international law firm.

“The work at Mersol & Luo was new and challenging for me but helped me grow as a professional. I now use the skills I developed there to help clients from all over the world.”

Jennifer Li 李一丹

Jennifer worked as a Consultant at Mersol & Luo, helping foreign businesses realize their Chinese operations, providing in-depth market analysis and strategy development. She is now an associate at a Chinese law firm in Beijing focusing on commercial litigation and arbitration.

“My experience at Mersol & Luo helps me to quickly understand the commercial drive of each case and provide practical and efficient solutions to my clients.”

Shubham Kulshrestha

Shubham served as operations consultant with Mersol & Luo, delivering professional advice on operational management and strategy to the firm and clients alike. Shubham is currently a senior manager for business operations at TrusTrace, a European supply chain technology company.

“Open team meetings and constant discussion with the company founders helped me grow and strengthen my professional skillset. I enjoyed my time at Mersol & Luo!”